Become fluent with us

Become fluent with us

1. As right as rain
What does it mean? Perfect

How do you use it? Another weather-based idiom, but this one is slightly trickier. We moan about the rain, but ‘right as rain’ is actually a positive comment. ‘I’m as right as rain!’ may be exclaimed with glee when asked if everything is okay, and it is.

2. Beat around the bush
What does it mean? Avoid saying something

How do you use it? Beating around the bush is when you speak nonsense, avoiding a question because you don’t want to express your opinion or answer truthfully.

3. Hit the sack
What does it mean? Go to bed

How do you use it? This idiom is super easy to learn to use. ‘I’m exhausted, it’s time for me to hit the sack!’

4. Miss the boat
What does it mean? It’s too late

How do you use it? Use this when you let an opportunity or deadline pass by. ‘I forgot to apply for that study abroad program, now I’ve missed the boat.’

5. By the skin of your teeth
What does it mean? Just barely

How do you use it? ‘Phew, I passed that exam by the skin of my teeth!’ Hopefully, you’ll ace your exams, but if you only just pass you can whip out this idiom.

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