12 летних идиом

12 летних идиом:
to soak up some sun — проводить время на солнце, загорать
I can’t wait to lie by the pool and soak up some sun on my vacation.

A place in the sun (a place under the sun) – место или ситуация, которая приносит радость
I am so happy for my sister who works as a teacher now! She has finally found her place in the sun.

To beat the heat – бороться с жарой, отдыхая в прохладных местах
To beat the heat, they spent as much time as possible in the pool.

A drop in the ocean – капля в море, очень мало
I always try to give money to charity but sometimes I feel it is just a drop in the ocean.

To take a shine to someone – когда тебе кто-то симпатизирует
My younger brother has really taken a shine to you.

The dog days of summer – самые жаркие дни лета
During the dog days of summer it’s too hot to work outdoors.

Come rain or shine – в любом случае
She goes jogging every morning, come rain or shine.

A summer fling – курортный роман
Sandy and Danny started out as a summer fling, but ended up staying together. Now they have a 3-year-old son.

To be hot on something – увлечься чем-то
Meg’s hot on animal rights.

Indian summer – бабино лето
The children really enjoyed the Indian summer because they could go to the beach in October.

To travel on a shoestring – путешествовать бюджетно
When I was a college student I didn’t have any money, so I always travelled on a shoestring.

Like a fish out of water – чувствовать себя не в своей тарелке
He’s like a fish out of water when he tries to dance.


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